The Company

DACC Systems AB - a Swedish privately owned company - was established in 2002 in order to solve the problem of simple and secure access to and payment for Digital Media and Services on the Internet in a cost effective way.

The DACCPAY System, which is a lightweight pre-payment system for Internet and Web applications, is available from the company.

DACC participated during 2008 - 2012 in the Eurpean Commission funded P2P-Next project, which developed the NextShare and the Libswift peer-to-peer content distribution technologies. Using Libswift and parts of NextShare DACC created the Fairshare Media World rich media (TV and video) distribution portal and platform. Since 2016 Fairshare Media World uses Webtorrent instead of Libswift because no client app is required.

DACC Systems AB was founded by the current owners: Torbjörn Johnson, Lars-Erik Eriksson, Lars Magnusson, and Peter Haglund.

Contact us

Mail address: DACC Systems AB

Glimmervägen 4

SE-187 34 Täby

Office (visitor) address: Enhagsvägen 7, Täby
Telephone: +468 544 713 51
CEO: Torbjörn Johnson

(e-mail:) torbjorn.johnson@dacc.se

(Mobile: +4670 606 2679)

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