Online Authentication, Authorization, and Accounting Service for Content and Service Delivery

DACC AAA (DACC Authentication, Authorization, and Accounting) solves the problem of cost-effective authentication, authorization, and accounting for services and content delivered on any type of IP network. Additionally it provides a pre-payment system ideal for consumer oriented services. It is designed for applications like media distribution (e.g. games, video, and music), WLAN access, VoIP and Broadband access. DACC AAA has been developed with simplicity in mind based on the Internet paradigm, thus avoiding the complexity of the traditional telecom world. With DACC AAA the customer can do the job through self-service, eliminating the need for complex and expensive Provisioning, Configuration and Billing systems. There are no requirements on large investments in AAA software and hardware and no investments in customer/user administration systems as DACC AAA is available as an inexpensive online service. It is designed to work with a Content Management system and the current version has been adapted to the Drupal Content Management system.
  1. The AAA service is available as an Internet service.
  2. The AAA service has simple interfaces, based on standards.
  3. The AAA service eliminates the need for complex customer handling and billing systems as it includes functions for self service provisioning and payment.
  4. The AAA service is flexible and designed to be used for any Internet-based service.
  5. The AAA service treats users completely independent of each other.
  6. The AAA service maintains an individual profile record for each user. The profile may include information about available services, access rights, and configuration rules.
  7. The AAA service is scalable with no technical limits.
  8. The AAA service can authenticate any unambiguously identifiable object or soft identifier. Typical objects are Smart Cards and USB dongles and typical soft identifiers are: Soft certificates, user name and password, telephone A-numbers, and membership numbers with PIN codes.
  9. The AAA service provides the user with a web-interface for access to individual data and services like account status. call records, and statistics.
  10. The AAA service performs real time accounting towards individual user accounts that may have pre-loaded values and limits set by user or operator.

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